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Global Black Village Community Application Form



Global Black Pride Atlanta 2024 is calling for community submissions to be part of the Global Black Village. We are looking for contributions that embody the spirit of "Empowerment Through Unity" and aim to create a rich, immersive cultural experience. Submissions can range from workshops, art exhibits, performances, discussions, and more, all designed to promote unity, inclusivity, and empowerment within the Black LGBTQ+ community.

Submission Criteria:

Your proposal should align with one or more of the following goals:

● Emphasize the theme of Empowerment Through Unity.

● Enhance cultural experiences for attendees and the wider Atlanta community.

● Advocate for peace, health, and equality within the Black LGBTQ+ community.

● Highlight the significance of collective action and community-centric initiatives.

● Increase visibility and engagement of LGBTQ+ individuals in equality and rights movements.

● Illustrate the impact of government and civil society in supporting LGBTQ+ rights.

● Encourage generational wisdom sharing within the LGBTQ+ movement.

● Offer platforms for youth engagement and expression.

● Address the interplay between racism and LGBTQ+ rights.

● Acknowledge successes and address challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community, especially in access to services.

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Submission Details:

Submissions should resonate with one or more of the following goals for Global Black Pride, Atlanta 2024:

  • Align with the Global Black Pride 2024 theme: Empowerment Through Unity!
  • Create an immersive cultural experience for both in-person attendees, as well as for the local and visiting public in Atlanta.
  • Highlight how societies that champion peace also promote healthy outcomes for the Black LGBTQ+ community by integrating programs that uphold human rights and gender equality.
  • Illustrate the power of collective action that centers the LGBTQ+ community in initiatives and endeavors, ensuring inclusivity and preventing exclusion.
  • Enhance and advocate for the engagement and visibility of LGBTQ+ individuals in leading and shaping the global approach to equality and rights.
  • Showcase the roles governments can play in supporting community and civil society engagements in LGBTQ+ rights and public health, and underscore the importance of their involvement.
  • Foster the exchange of wisdom and advice across different generations within the LGBTQ+ movement.
  • Provide opportunities for adolescents and young people to express their concerns and actively participate in the Global Black Pride movement. This includes special emphasis through platforms like the Youth Pavilion, supported by the Global Black Pride Youth Force in Atlanta.
  • Encourage discussions and activities that address the intersection of racism and LGBTQ+ rights. Demonstrate how racism impedes positive outcomes for individuals within the LGBTQ+ community, especially regarding health and equality.
  • Celebrate achievements and navigate the challenges within the LGBTQ+ rights movement, focusing on areas where access to services is hampered by discrimination, particularly for individuals of color.
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Resources Needed: Outline any specific requirements or resources needed to execute your proposal (e.g., space, technical equipment, materials). *
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By submitting this application, I confirm that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I agree to work with the Global Black Pride organizers to fulfill any requirements and uphold the event's values and objectives.

Submission Instructions:

Complete this application and email it along with any supporting documents or materials to by the specified deadline. The Global Black Pride team will review submissions and contact successful applicants with further details.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Global Black Village at Global Black Pride Atlanta 2024. We look forward to your innovative and inspiring submissions!

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